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Entre Amigos, Quinceañera Tips

Snapchat Tus Quince

If you want everyone to be part of your special day and NEED to have all photos from your tios, tias, primos, and friends? well honey you’re in for a great treat. We have found a way for you to see your Quince from start to finish. Starting with the videographer recording your makeup session till that point when “that” tio doesn’t understand that THE PARTY IS OVER! who knew a social media app could be so helpful. Create your quinceañera Snapchat filter for as low as $5 at www.geofilters.snapchat.com in just 4 easy steps!

Step 1 You upload your design or choose the designs that are given. (Don’t forget to put your name!)

Step 2 Choose the date in which you want the filter to show up.

Step 3 Draw out the location you want the filter to pop up in.

Step 4 Submit and snap on!


Boda con acentos Mexicanos

septiembre 26, 2017
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Cuando hablamos de una fiesta con temática mexicana (Boda con acentos Mexicanos), inmediatamente pensamos en una paleta multicolor, miles de texturas y tradiciones muy arraigadas en

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Recuerdos de Nuestra Tierra

septiembre 22, 2017
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Cuando nos encontramos lejos de casa, sin lugar a dudas buscamos la forma de aferrarnos a algo que nos recuerde los momentos que nosotros o

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September Cover Girl

septiembre 21, 2017
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Cinco de la mañana y nuestro artista de la imagen personal y colaborador invitado, Brian Rafael, inicia su tarea con nuestra hermosa modelo Jaqueline Díaz,

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