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6 ways to plan without burning out

Wedding stress got you overwhelmed? Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be accompanied by so much pressure. While you’re balancing finding your ideal venue to finalizing decoration arrangements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list! Follow these 7 steps to help you get through the stress of planning with the help of the great Liz Collizza!


It’s important to plan time to actively discuss your wedding plans with your partner. Be intentional about the moments when you can talk about things like bridal party colors, décor and food. However, it’s also necessary to set aside time to discuss other unrelated topics, like your career or The Office. “Plan times when you can’t talk about your wedding,” Collizza suggests. 


It’s easy to get wrapped up in the urgency of planning your big day, but don’t forget to nurture your relationship in the midst of it all. Therapeutic apps can help so much with this process with third party counciling, but sometimes just talking with another couple or someone you trust can help take a load to keep your relationship strong.


Practice letting other people help you. This might be easier said than done, especially when you’re planning something as monumental as your wedding. But if your family and friends offer their involvement, Colizza encourages you to let them assist.

“Decide what you can allow other people to be in control of and then ask for help,” she advises. “Be specific in what you need and express gratitude for how people step in.” 


Most people have a general idea of what they imagine their wedding day to look and feel like, but it’s important to set realistic expectations. . Determine which factors are most important to you while also taking into account things like your finances, the location of your wedding and the time of year you’ll be getting married. 

From there, determine what is and what isn’t possible. Focus your energy on the things you can control (like decorations for your venue), but try not to dwell on factors that are out of your hands (like the day-of weather). Once you set realistic expectations for yourself, you’ll be able to manage stress that arises from circumstances that are beyond your control. 


Don’t lose sight of the fact that your wedding is a life-altering occasion.. Given its magnitude, you’ll likely experience a roller coaster of emotions throughout the planning process. Instead of suppressing those feelings, Colizza encourages her clients to talk through them with their partner. 

“Rather than letting those emotions spill out in surprising ways, take time to discuss your fears and worries with your partner,” she suggests. “You are merging two lives, two families, and two inner worlds.” Make time to discuss important topics like sex, money, commitment, expectations, and in-laws. Programs like those offered through Lasting exist to help make tough conversations easier to have with your partner. 


You might be able to manage some wedding planning stress by regularly practicing mindfulness. This doesn’t mean you have to commit to a two-hour yoga session three times a week. Instead, mindfulness can be as simple as taking ten minutes every day refocus your thoughts and clear your mind. But in order to be effective, this should become part of your daily routine.