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Finding Your Wedding Style

The Pinterest and Instagram Guide


In an age of endless inspiration, finding your wedding style can be both thrilling and a tad overwhelming. But fret not, as Pinterest and Instagram come to the rescue! These visual platforms are treasure troves of ideas and aesthetics. Here’s how to make the most of them to pinpoint your wedding style and make the vendor selection process a breeze.

1. Pinterest: Your Personal Mood Board

Pinterest is your virtual mood board, allowing you to collect, curate, and explore ideas for your wedding. Begin by creating a dedicated board for your wedding, and start pinning anything that catches your eye, from decor and color palettes to bridal attire and floral arrangements.

2. Be Specific in Your Pins:

As you explore Pinterest, be specific in your pins. Create separate boards for different elements of your wedding, such as “Floral Inspiration,” “Table Settings,” or “Bridal Attire.” This helps you categorize and visualize your preferences.

3. Pin Widely:

Don’t be afraid to pin widely at the beginning. Even if you’re not sure about a certain style or idea, pin it. Over time, patterns will emerge, and you’ll gain clarity about the elements that truly resonate with you.

4. Identify Common Themes:

As your boards fill up, take a step back and look for common themes or styles that keep recurring. It might be boho chic, classic elegance, rustic, or modern minimalism. These themes will help define your wedding style.

5. Instagram: A World of Real Weddings

Instagram offers a glimpse into real weddings, showcasing the creativity of couples worldwide. Search for wedding-related hashtags and follow wedding bloggers, photographers, and vendors to get an authentic sense of different styles.

6. Explore Stories and Highlights:

Many Instagram profiles have Stories and Highlights dedicated to weddings and specific themes. These offer a concentrated dose of inspiration. Check out real wedding features and insights from experts.

7. Engage with the Community:

Don’t hesitate to engage with the wedding community on Instagram. Leave comments, ask questions, and seek advice. Many couples and vendors are more than willing to share their experiences and ideas.

8. Save Your Favorites:

Use Instagram’s “Save” feature to bookmark posts that resonate with you. It’s a handy way to create a collection of your favorite inspirations, and it’s similar to creating a virtual mood board.

9. Combine Pinterest and Instagram:

Once you’ve identified common themes and styles from both platforms, you’ll have a clear picture of your wedding style. Create a single mood board that represents your vision.

10. Start Vendor Meetings:

Armed with your wedding style, you can confidently begin meeting with potential vendors. Share your mood board and ideas, which will help vendors understand your vision and provide tailored recommendations.

Finding your wedding style on Pinterest and Instagram is like unlocking a treasure chest of inspiration. It’s an enjoyable journey of exploration and creativity that ultimately leads to a wedding that’s uniquely “you.” So, start pinning, scrolling, and saving, and let the aesthetics and ideas guide you to the wedding of your dreams. Happy planning!