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Planning in a pandemic

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As couples globally are facing the COVID-19 pandemic, taking the right actions and navigating this ever-evolving scenario is proving to be challenging for many. Like you, here at Revista de Fiesta, our teams are making daily decisions through the lens of how to best keep our Quinceañera’s, employees and partners safe and healthy! Remember you’re not alone right now. So many xv’s have been postponed, and we know it’s a challenging time for so many families impacted by this pandemic. We want to be here for you every step of the way. If you’re unsure about how to plan a COVID wedding, we suggest looking to local and national recommendations first. They’ll provide a framework for you to start building upon. For example, some states are allowing more guests at gatherings than others. 
It’s very important to check for updates from the Centers of Disease Control so that you’re aware of what they’re recommending. “All vendors should be following CDC guidelines, and members should respect that,” Dent says. Once you’re aware of local and national guidelines, call all of your vendors. Talk about their COVID-19 protocols and how they will be implemented on the day, and discuss your role in implementing those measures as a client.

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Planning in a pandemic